What to Look for in a Workers Compensation Attorney

In an earlier post, I wrote about things that you should look for when you are in need of hiring a personal injury attorney. Today I’ll be taking a look at another area of law, workers compensation, and the things that you should keep in mind if this is an issue that you are facing and in need of representation.

How to Find a Workers Compensation Attorney

I am fortunate to have a friend that works in this field in South Carolina at the office of W. Blake Cummings, Attorney, and they agreed to share some tips with my readers.

The first piece of advice that they offered when it comes to finding an attorney to best represent you is to seek out recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. There is no better endorsement than someone who has first-hand experience with a lawyer in this field (or any field), and even more so when it comes from someone you trust. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about their attorney, and if they would give their endorsement of using their services.

If you’ve exhausted your network and still need a few more potential firms, the internet is your next best resource. You can find many lawyer directories online and many sites where clients can leave reviews where they talk about their experience with that firm or particular attorney. A good place to start is the NOLO lawyer directory. Once you identify a few that you are interested, you can also check out their website to get more information on them. This would include their biographical detail (education, years of experience, past cases and successes) as well as contact information to set up an interview.

workers comp attorney in Spartanburg, SC

Once you have a shortlist of possible attorneys, it’s time to set up some consultations. You should always interview a few different attorneys, rather than go with the first one you find. Treat that first consultation just like an interview. Find out about their history in your area of need, ask for references from past clients that they can put you in touch with.

In addition, pay attention to their soft skills – are they paying attention to you and seem interested? Or are they distracted and you might just be another client and billable hours? You want your case to get the full attention it deserves, and this devotion will be evident during an interview with them.

After you’ve met with a few different potential firms or attorneys, make your decision based on everything you’ve encountered. Go with the one that you feel will be best qualified, in addition to the most dedicated to your case, as well as treats you and communicates with you with the respect and care that your case deserves.

I hope that these tips have been helpful in your search for a workers compensation attorney, and these insights can really be applied to any area of law as well. I’d like to thank my friend for stopping by today to share some wisdom with my readers.

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