How Lawyers Can Get More Leads Online

Lawyers have a lot of options when it comes to generating new business.  There’s the classic “Yellow Pages” approach.  But when is the last time anyone used a Yellow Pages?

Seriously, the Yellow Pages went out with the dinosaur era.  These days, law firms are wising up and using other approaches like billboards, magazines and other print media, and even direct mail.

But the best of the best lawyers out there are using online marketing, and in particular, search engine optimization for lawyers, to boost their organic traffic to their website.

Let me explain.

Let’s say someone gets in a car accident.  They are injured and feel they were wronged.  They take their search to their mobile phone or nearest computer, and they “Google” one of the search strings below:

“Personal Injury attorney”

“Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas”

“Car accident law firm Dallas area”

The searches are about infinite, just because everyone thinks in different ways.  No matter what they choose to enter as the search string to find their lawyer, they are going to connect with someone, if not more than one, to service their need.  Here’s a snap shot of one of those above searches, so you can see what I’m referring to.

lawyer seo service


Now, just how valuable is this to the law firm on the other end who answers the phone with a HOT LEAD that can convert into business?

The answer?  It’s insanely valuable.  The law firm just got someone in need of their professional services, not just someone who saw their face on a billboard or in a print advertisement.  Getting someone who is proactively searching for your law firm is the best way to get business.  And to boot, it’s the most qualified lead you can get.  Imagine someone typing in “I need a lawyer right now in Dallas.”  That term “right now” is pretty darn qualifying, and very serious about their inquiry.  Think about all the motivation behind typing “right now.”  That’s serious.  That’s a lead I’d want coming to my site all day long if I was a lawyer.

So in short, if lawyers are looking for more business, they should contact a qualified search engine marketing consultant.  There are many out there, but there are also many pretenders.  Go with someone who has been around, has a track record, and who stands behind their results.  A money back guarantee wouldn’t hurt either.