Family Lawyers in Adelaide Give Advice

With the high rate of divorce these days, family law has become huge. That’s why we spoke to some of the top family lawyers in Adelaide to give some advice on what you should look for if you are in need of hiring an attorney in this area. Knowledge is power, and considering the stakes (money, child custody) in these kinds of matters, it’s important to have the right person representing you.

Legal Advice from Adelaide Family Law

The first big thing that they stressed, like I have talked about in other posts on this topic, is to make sure your family lawyer has experience in this area. You want someone who has been around for a while and has seen just about every scenario that has come up and knows how to bring about the best outcome for their client. The wisdom that it takes to settle these matters fairly only comes from having practice in this area for a long time, and exposure to the different circumstances that come up.

You don’t want someone who doesn’t specialize in family law. You’re not looking for a “jack of all trades” who sometimes practices this kind of legal work. You want someone who knows the in’s and out’s of this area of law. They have been there, done that, and can get the most for you.

The next thing that they really pressed on was that you should know your finances going into the dispute. It’s also a good idea to know as much as you can about your soon-to-be-ex spouse’s finances. Most divorce settlements are about money, so the more detailed information you can provide, the more prepared you are to go to battle with your family law attorney. Likewise, if your ex isn’t prepared, it will look that much worse for them and will work in your favor as the relatively more organized one.

Another thing that you should look for, and this will bear itself out in the interview process, is the manner and professionalism of the attorney. Are they patient with you and answering all your questions? Do they return your calls or emails in a timely manner? Do you feel that they will be representing you to their fullest, or do they just see you as some billable hours? You want an attorney who is as invested in the outcome as you are.

I want to think our friends from Australia for sharing some insight on family law. I hope it has been helpful to those of you are in need of this kind of service. Thanks for reading.

Getting into Family Law as a Profession

Family lawyers deal with divorce, child support, adoption and several other cases. Unlike other lawyers, family lawyers work in a specific setting with a small firm that has 15 or less attorneys. Moreover, lawyers who specialize in family law are mostly associated with NGOs or other government agencies not corporate firms.

In writing this article, I consulted with a reputable law firm out of California.

Specializing in family law requires one to start studying it when they start law school or college. However, certain law schools don’t offer family law as a specialized degree. If that is the case, try to focus your practice on issues related to family law. Moreover, while you are in college, take as many sociology, psychology and counseling courses you can as they will allow you to understand how different members of the family deal and interact with one another. Being a family lawyer is not just about knowing the law as it is in the books. Instead, you also need to know about individual behavior to guide and counsel your clients so that they can make the best decisions regarding family matters.

You should also choose electives that are related to family law. Majority of the law schools offer family law related courses such as traditional family law, alternative dispute resolution, juvenile practices and such. Other courses that you can pick as electives that will benefit you in your family law specialization are income taxation, constitutional law, criminal law and procedure. In addition, you can also study independent programs that most law schools offer. Independent study programs involve working in close coordination with a faculty member to carry out advanced study and research on a mutual legal topic of interest.

By studying courses related to family law in your college years will let you gain an edge over others. Once you graduate college, you should then look out for family law firms and start applying for jobs. When drafting your resume, make sure you focus on any family law experience or related experiences that are related to the field. Moreover, if you don’t have any experience and you’re applying for your first job, make sure you highlight the courses you studied on family law and those related to the subject to give the other person an impression that you know the subject well. It is advisable for family lawyers to start their career with a small firm or an established company that deals with family related issues/cases.