How Lawyers Can Get More Leads Online

Lawyers have a lot of options when it comes to generating new business.  There’s the classic “Yellow Pages” approach.  But when is the last time anyone used a Yellow Pages?

Seriously, the Yellow Pages went out with the dinosaur era.  These days, law firms are wising up and using other approaches like billboards, magazines and other print media, and even direct mail.

But the best of the best lawyers out there are using online marketing, and in particular, search engine optimization for lawyers, to boost their organic traffic to their website.

Let me explain.

Let’s say someone gets in a car accident.  They are injured and feel they were wronged.  They take their search to their mobile phone or nearest computer, and they “Google” one of the search strings below:

“Personal Injury attorney”

“Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas”

“Car accident law firm Dallas area”

The searches are about infinite, just because everyone thinks in different ways.  No matter what they choose to enter as the search string to find their lawyer, they are going to connect with someone, if not more than one, to service their need.  Here’s a snap shot of one of those above searches, so you can see what I’m referring to.

lawyer seo service


Now, just how valuable is this to the law firm on the other end who answers the phone with a HOT LEAD that can convert into business?

The answer?  It’s insanely valuable.  The law firm just got someone in need of their professional services, not just someone who saw their face on a billboard or in a print advertisement.  Getting someone who is proactively searching for your law firm is the best way to get business.  And to boot, it’s the most qualified lead you can get.  Imagine someone typing in “I need a lawyer right now in Dallas.”  That term “right now” is pretty darn qualifying, and very serious about their inquiry.  Think about all the motivation behind typing “right now.”  That’s serious.  That’s a lead I’d want coming to my site all day long if I was a lawyer.

So in short, if lawyers are looking for more business, they should contact a qualified search engine marketing consultant.  There are many out there, but there are also many pretenders.  Go with someone who has been around, has a track record, and who stands behind their results.  A money back guarantee wouldn’t hurt either.

Getting into Family Law as a Profession

Family lawyers deal with divorce, child support, adoption and several other cases. Unlike other lawyers, family lawyers work in a specific setting with a small firm that has 15 or less attorneys. Moreover, lawyers who specialize in family law are mostly associated with NGOs or other government agencies not corporate firms.

In writing this article, I consulted with a reputable law firm out of California.

Specializing in family law requires one to start studying it when they start law school or college. However, certain law schools don’t offer family law as a specialized degree. If that is the case, try to focus your practice on issues related to family law. Moreover, while you are in college, take as many sociology, psychology and counseling courses you can as they will allow you to understand how different members of the family deal and interact with one another. Being a family lawyer is not just about knowing the law as it is in the books. Instead, you also need to know about individual behavior to guide and counsel your clients so that they can make the best decisions regarding family matters.

You should also choose electives that are related to family law. Majority of the law schools offer family law related courses such as traditional family law, alternative dispute resolution, juvenile practices and such. Other courses that you can pick as electives that will benefit you in your family law specialization are income taxation, constitutional law, criminal law and procedure. In addition, you can also study independent programs that most law schools offer. Independent study programs involve working in close coordination with a faculty member to carry out advanced study and research on a mutual legal topic of interest.

By studying courses related to family law in your college years will let you gain an edge over others. Once you graduate college, you should then look out for family law firms and start applying for jobs. When drafting your resume, make sure you focus on any family law experience or related experiences that are related to the field. Moreover, if you don’t have any experience and you’re applying for your first job, make sure you highlight the courses you studied on family law and those related to the subject to give the other person an impression that you know the subject well. It is advisable for family lawyers to start their career with a small firm or an established company that deals with family related issues/cases.

The 411 on Getting Divorced

For whatever reason your marriage might be ending, filing for a divorce is the first step of the procedure. Irrespective of if this marital status change makes you happy or uncertain, it is very important to pay attention to details and know what is required.

Here’s Comedian Eddie Murphy poking fun at divorce by referencing how Johnny Carson lost HALF of his money in his divorce.

Finding A Lawyer

To file for a divorce, you need to find a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if you and your spouse have come to a conclusion about the division of assets and any other legalities involved as it is always best to consult with a lawyer as he or she can guide you through the process in a much better way.

Filing For Petition

You will have to file for petition in order to proceed with the process. You can contact your local court and ask them about whether the petition should be filed within the circuit or superior court. The process of filing a petition varies from state to state. In certain states, you might be asked to file it in a family court whereas in other states, the process might be different.

Type Of Divorce

You also need to decide if you are going to file a no-fault divorce or will you be contesting grounds. A no fault process involves stating irreconcilable differences whereas the other one suggests that one party is at fault.

If you are filing for a no fault, it would not matter as to who files the petition. However, in ground divorce, the person who starts the process will have to file for petition.


Every process involves paperwork. Filing papers for temporary custody is important if you have children with your former spouse. Since all couples look to protect their kids in a divorce process, you should make sure you do the same. Cover all loopholes if kids are involved as you don’t want your kids to bear the negative effects of the process.

Keep Proof

Keeping proof of every step makes the process sound and will help you avoid any problems that may arise in the process. Having proof is important to show that you have filed for divorce and a copy was served to your ex-spouse. Experts recommend getting the papers served in a prestigious manner such as dropping the papers at the lawyers’ office. You should also make sure not to have the papers served to your former spouse at work.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

To choose a criminal lawyer, it could be an ordeal task therefore it must be chosen with due care and diligence. It is important that the attorney selected should have relevant experience involving the area of the defendant’s case, so it would be better if the lawyer is appointed through a well-known professional reference. All criminal lawyers do not bear the similar kind of expertise; it differs with the level of experience and knowledge. It therefore is significant that the person accused of a legal offense must appoint its lawyer cautiously.

Criminal Defined

Legal profession is quite ancient and it is the duty of a lawyer to provide legal advice to the client and to represent them when they require professional aid. Two different functions operate under criminal law; defense and the prosecution. Defense lawyer defends and represents the person accused of a legal offense whereas the prosecutor attempts to prove the person charged as guilty.

Criminal cases are further categorized into various areas, some of them include:

  • Rape
  • Murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to murder
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Theft

There are many other crimes that fall under the same category and every offense carries different punishments.

If however, a person is unable to find a professional reference, the Bar Association may be chosen for assistance. The function of this organization is to keep complete and up-to-date records of all the lawyers who are registered as members with them. This shows that they have been have been qualified by the Bar Association to practice as a lawyer.

After the individual has listed down the lawyer, a meeting will be held where the individual and the lawyer will communicate and discuss about the opportunities regarding the case. It’s not necessary that the same lawyer should be chosen to represent them; they can choose to work with anybody they feel comfortable with.

While selecting a criminal lawyer time is of great importance, therefore it would be better to find legal advice regarding the case sooner. It may give time to the lawyer for the preparation to defend the client and seek out available opportunities.

Various firms are specialized in criminal law and hire the most competent and skillful of all the lawyers. An individual may want to hire the best lawyer within its affordability range who is involved in the criminal case. There are some local competent attorneys that are not associated with the firms and operate on their own.

To choose a criminal lawyer, the individual must make sure that they have executed a complete search in choosing the right lawyer as he will be representing them in court and the outcome depends solely on the competence of the lawyer. The lawyer must have relevant experience regarding the case involved.

While hiring the criminal lawyer it must be kept in mind that the lawyer chosen is skilled in the relevant area, and it can be done by inspecting their historic performance and meeting with them gives a better view about the lawyer.