The 411 on Getting Divorced

For whatever reason your marriage might be ending, filing for a divorce is the first step of the procedure. Irrespective of if this marital status change makes you happy or uncertain, it is very important to pay attention to details and know what is required.

Here’s Comedian Eddie Murphy poking fun at divorce by referencing how Johnny Carson lost HALF of his money in his divorce.

Finding A Lawyer

To file for a divorce, you need to find a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if you and your spouse have come to a conclusion about the division of assets and any other legalities involved as it is always best to consult with a lawyer as he or she can guide you through the process in a much better way.

Filing For Petition

You will have to file for petition in order to proceed with the process. You can contact your local court and ask them about whether the petition should be filed within the circuit or superior court. The process of filing a petition varies from state to state. In certain states, you might be asked to file it in a family court whereas in other states, the process might be different.

Type Of Divorce

You also need to decide if you are going to file a no-fault divorce or will you be contesting grounds. A no fault process involves stating irreconcilable differences whereas the other one suggests that one party is at fault.

If you are filing for a no fault, it would not matter as to who files the petition. However, in ground divorce, the person who starts the process will have to file for petition.


Every process involves paperwork. Filing papers for temporary custody is important if you have children with your former spouse. Since all couples look to protect their kids in a divorce process, you should make sure you do the same. Cover all loopholes if kids are involved as you don’t want your kids to bear the negative effects of the process.

Keep Proof

Keeping proof of every step makes the process sound and will help you avoid any problems that may arise in the process. Having proof is important to show that you have filed for divorce and a copy was served to your ex-spouse. Experts recommend getting the papers served in a prestigious manner such as dropping the papers at the lawyers’ office. You should also make sure not to have the papers served to your former spouse at work.

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